Saturday, 18 October 2014

World's first black professional footballer honoured

Arthur Wharton, a multi-talented sportsman and acclaimed first black professional footballer in the world has been immortalized in St George's Park - the football centre of English Football Association at Burton with the installation of his statue.

Arthur Wharton was of mixed-parentage and was born in Ghana on October 28 1865. Before becoming a professional footballer, Arthur excelled in Crickets, Cycling and Athletics in which he became the first person in the world to run 100-yard sprint under 10 seconds.

Arthur was a goalkeeper in his football career days, and played for a number of English teams including Sheffield United. He died at age of 65 in December 13, 1930.

                 Arthur, First left to the Trophy in the front row                (Pic:
Prior to unveiling of this statue, he became an inductee of English Football Hall of Fame in year 2003.

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