Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mystery: Father kills wife and two daughters

In a recent incident in the city of Bradford, a father of two Jitendra Lad 49, has been fingered as the killer of his 44 years old wife Daksha and his two daughters, Trisha 19 and Nisha 16.

The motive behind the killing is still unknown but it is reported that Jitendra stabbed his wife and kids while they were asleep. The West Yorkshire Police have maintained that they are not looking for any suspect in regards to the murders but are in search of a suicide note within the house.

Mr Lad is believed to have hanged himself in one of the four rooms in the house, days after he allegedly murdered his family. Forensic teams have arrived the house to carry out thorough findings on what must have led to the death of the family. A local in the community who knew them well said: 'They were the nicest family in the world and the last family you would ever expect this to happen to. I used to see the mum in the playground when the kids were younger and she had a gorgeous smile, she was a real doting mum.'

You never know what goes on behind closed door... RIP to his innocent victims

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