Saturday, 25 October 2014

Collins Dictionary's Word of the Year 2014 is 'Photobomb'

The role of social media can no longer be underestimated. In 2013 Oxford Dictionaries announced 'selfie', a term which literally means self-protrait, though originated in 2002 but recently widely used in socia-media as the Word of the Year 2013.

'Photobomb' another word mainly used in social-media has made Collins dictionary's Word of the Year 2014. Collins dictionary defined 'photobomb' as "to intrude into the background of a photograph without the subject's knowledge".

The Queen's image at the background of a selfie taken by Australian's 2014 Commonwealth team members in Glasgow, is one notable 'photobomb' event that went viral recently. Sort of endorsement for the act you may say.

I have to rake my head of any coinage we were using that may be a candidate-word for Word-of-the-Year. Help me out in this, and together we would celebrate the winning here once it happens.

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