Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Bra Size: Decent, Obscene or Tacky?

                                                               (Pic: Image source/Corbis)
Believe it or not, a lot of women do not know their bra sizes. Many do not even know that bras like every other garment are sized for each and every figure. Bra buying experience for many is more of trial & error by simply putting it on until they possess imaginary comfort. 

Some do not take their time to know the actual bra size that fits them, the type and the right bra for the right wear. There are women whose bras are so loose that with their body movements, the breasts follow suit. 

Many wear inconsistent bra sizes and out-rightly you can tell how tacky it looks. Without a budge, a woman's discomfort can be told by mere sight of her movement and her physique. Get me right, a body figure should be enhanced with the right size of bra. 

The one I can't seem to figure out is why some women cannot be bothered to get their bras done properly without looking obscene.

Which one are you? Where do you belong?.. Is your bra your actual size...Do you just fit yourself into any bra you find as long as it's covering every part of your breasts?

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  1. Lmaoo!

    Swty, Naija dsnt do all these sizing bras when u go to mkt o. Na to test n buy. (except big nice boutiques that don't even stock up gd bras n dir prices re stupidly on d high side)

    Buh i've had tests for my bra size n fittings done in UK, so I get where u re coming from.