Saturday, 11 October 2014

Norway To Launch New Bank Notes

The backs designed by Snøhetta(courtesy Norges Bank)
The Central Bank of Norway, Norges Bank has announced the launching of new notes into the system, picturing abstract seascapes using colored pixels. The notes are billed for launch in 2017 and according to "have two stylistically divergent sides designed by different Oslo–based design firms: The fronts, by The Metric System, show colorful, photo realistic views of the country’s coastline, while the backs, by Snøhetta, an international architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and Brand Design office based in Oslo, Norway feature pixelated patterns of the sea."

The Fronts designed by The Metric system(courtesy Norges Bank)
Snøhetta’s designers says they chose the pixel because they have a good visual representation of   'Our time' the present time. As distinguished, the 50 NOK notes has short shapes and long tame waves to denote gentle winds, while the 1,000 NOK has sharp long lines signifying choppy waters.

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