Friday, 24 October 2014

On the Duchess Post Table..What should she do?

A Duchess Post Visitor sent this in;
"My daughter has a friend/classmate whose father is friends with me...We are very cordial especially when we see during school runs. Most of the time, as I have noticed, the wife is either pregnant or nursing a baby whilst the man runs all the school errands... But the lady feigns she doesn't recognize me and she is not ready to. But the father would wave at us in the car by any given chance...

Yesterday, my little girl came home from school telling me and my husband that Antonia's little sister is in the hospital. She got burnt trying to crawl to her dad when he was sipping his hot tea. According to my daughter,"the baby skin came off and Antonia said her mommy was crying"... 
My question now is, should I break the barrier and ask the woman about the accident when we meet during school runs, or not to bother myself at all... I also don't know if they would appreciate their daughter told my little girl and she came home to tell me... Or should I just leave the matter or let my good heart prevail and take whatever comes with it?"

So what would you say to her? Any advise?

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