Sunday, 19 October 2014

£100K Hermes handbag's leather stinks of marijuana

I guess no one would probably endure long time on waiting list, as it's typical to eventual owners of this Hermes bag, only to end up with obnoxious smell coming out of the luxury item.

The Birkin handbag by Hermes which cost up to £100,000 emits smell close to that of marijuana. Some customers who purchased the handbag in recent time up to 2 years back, have expressed their reservations on the odour from their supposedly precious possession.

The luxury handbag makers have however blamed this problem on poor tanning process on a particular batch of leather used to make the handbag, but they have offered to change the odour infested leather part.

This is why it always makes sense to not only buy quality products but also from authorized channels, you'll never go wrong!

I had Gucci scrambling to replace a loose buckle in my handbag from them recently. They were literally chasing me with phone calls until it was handed to me fixed.

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