Thursday, 30 October 2014

Jamie Oliver's Jollof Rice ..Yay or Nay?

The very famous English celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver has put his name on the lips of West Africans debating on the monopoly of the dish called Jollof rice. The media personality explored and added different condiments into the famously cooked rice in tomato sauce. He identified that some countries add coconut milk, nutmeg, African basil leaf and rooibos tea to savour the well known dish.

In an attempt to nail the dish, Oliver made his Jollof rice with chicken, tagging his dish to Ghana's culinary, making a lot of people wonder why he would write Ghana as the monopoly of the dish. Many Africans agree that Jollof rice is one of the many wonders of Africa, but not many agree that Jamie did justice to what he came up with as his plate of rice.

What do you guys think? A yay or a nay?

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