Saturday, 11 October 2014

An Indian Rapist Mobbed and Castrated

(Pic: CEN)
An Indian man was caught trying to rape a teenage girl in the city of Ganganagar in Indian's Northwestern Rajastan State. Suresh Kumar was mobbed when the young girl cried out for help while the 40 year old attacked her. 

The shock ridden girl found pinned on the wall, Kumar was angrily pounced on, beaten and castrated after being dragged to a butchers shop to chop off his genitals with a meat cleaver.

(Pic: CEN)
Kumar was later dumped nearby a road with no help coming forth as sex crime is not tolerated. 

According to Aamir Dhawan 'We have had a lot of intolerable offences against women in this country recently, with girls being raped, hung, and molested, and it's time it stopped... 'This sends out a very strong message to anyone like that - if you do it you will be punished.'

I hope this serves as a deterrent to others lurking in corners to embark on this wicked act.

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