Friday, 3 October 2014

When good name is better than silver and gold

When a Nigerian Airport Taxi driver Imeh Jaja picked up his passenger at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja, little did he know that his honesty would be put to test. The story began when the 68 years old discovered a bag containing $120, 000 left in his taxi. Jaja, unaware of content in the bag, reunited the bag with the owner without having a second thought. 
In his words  “Even if I had seen the money, I would not have touched because it is not mine. It is against my belief to take people’s property.” In similar occurrence, he also reunited a camera worth £175 (=N=45,000) and a phone belonging to a staff of AIT media group. Jaja, though had financial difficulties has no regrets as he believes honesty as a self policy. 

As a deserved commendation, Jaja was named among the recipients of Nigeria's National Honour Awards. Imeh whose joy knew no bounds as he was awarded Member of the Order of Republic(MFR) for his uncommon honesty, went on to say  “My heart is full of joy. My family and I thank the President for this honour,” It sure pays to be truthful...

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