Thursday, 16 October 2014

Exercise or Punish-ercise?

Were you raised in Africa,West Africa or Nigeria to be precise? Did you ever get into trouble with security operatives including military personnel, National Youth Service Corps' camp army men? Did you attend a military school or a mainstream school where teachers spared no rod? Are you one of those who had hardhearted seniors who meted out their self justice on your doings (wrong or not)?

Then these images would definitely ring a bell.

Some people were raised with corporal punishment, some are grateful for it while some are not. Some argue that it shaped them into becoming who they are today while a host of others completely disagree. Though some of the postures may seem like yoga or abs exercises but they were definitely not fun remaining in that position while serving punishment back in the days.

Which box(es) do you tick? Which number did you dig the most? Bring forth your memories... I'm waiting to laugh!!

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