Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Boobed advert causes road accidents

                                                                                                                 (Pic: CEN)
In an attempt to introduce motorized advertisement concept in Moscow city, as a new alternative to putting adverts on sides of public transport, the PR campaign concept has delivered adversely more than bargained for.

The motorized advert of a woman's bare breast on the side of a van has caused several road mishap after motorists crashed into each other. The advert which read 'They Attract' adorned the side of 30 vans in city of Moscow, Russia where it was driven round the city.

Over 500 motorists were involved in  road accident in a single day over the advert.

One of the affected motorist said: 'I was on my way to a business meeting when I saw this truck with a huge photo of breasts on its side go by. Then I was hit by the car behind who said he had been distracted by the truck. It made me late and left my car in the garage and although I am insured I am still out of pocket'.

The PR agency behind the boobed advert has offered to compensate crashed motorists.

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