Wednesday, 22 October 2014

SEX... your thoughts?

SEX in this context is my catchline for 'leave comment initiative' to urge visitor to this blog to Share & EXchange (SEX) their thoughts by commenting on my posts.

Since I urged everyone to join me in the journey of exploring our world, I have featured a number of interesting developments around the universe. I am glad to let you know that visits to this blog over that time have been impressive and quite encouraging. I'll be doing more to keep the tempo of my posts on every thing as it happens, and to delivers it as we would all like it, so that no one misses-out.

You'll be happy to note that your comment(s) is/are not relevant to the post(s) alone but to each and every visitor who would take something away at the end of every read. So, Share & EXchange your thoughts by leaving comment(s)  on post(s) to make this blog an interactive, engaging and informative platform everyone looks forward to be on.

Let me call on you as well to tell family and friends about this exciting blog as we all work to make it a vibrant virtual community. Happy reading, and be kind enough to leave comment(s).

Lets hear, SEX... your thoughts?

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