Friday, 14 November 2014

Disneyland Paris mysterious Tiger, still on the loose

A wandering Tiger have engaged scores of security forces to be on alert near the Disneyland Paris since yesterday. A dozen police vehicle have been lined up around the vicinity where the Tiger was first spotted as its origin still remains a mystery. The wild cat animal Park near the Disney land has confirmed that non off its cats is missing, but a new sighting of the cat proves that the Tigers was initially seen eight kilometers away from the initial spot where it was sighted. Police are leaving no stone unturned to hunt out the animal in Montevrain east of Paris.

                                                                  Can you see a paw?                              (Pic:
I'm thankful all hands are on deck to get this Tiger... And I hope the public is vigilant enough to quickly report any unusual sighting... and I also hope nobody is facing its claws at the moment.

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