Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Disney Junior: DocMcStuffins is in.

                                                                        Dr Myiesha Taylor                                       (Pic:A mighty girl)
One of the Disney Junior channel's TV programme have become a most sought after programme by parents and kiddies. The cartoon programme which presents a little black girl as a medical doctor known as Doc McStuffins got kids hoping for bigger aspirations. The animated programme showed Doc McStuffins have gained many acceptance and admiration for the makers, giving little girls a voice and more love to endear them to the Medical profession and becoming a Doctor in the future.

One of the admiration is the picture with Dr Myiesha Taylor, American Physician who thought not many of programmes or its likes were broadcast on TV. Dr Taylor created a picture collage featuring an image of little Doc McStuffins surrounded by 131 photos of real-life African American female doctors, writing: "We are trailblazers. We are women of color. We are physicians. We ARE role-models. We are Doc McStuffins all grown up!" 

I know lots of African parents too would relate to her because of what she represents, little girls who watch the telecast already attribute stethoscope to her too.

Don't we all scramble to look for role models for our kids?

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