Monday, 22 December 2014

Mark Wright wins Lord Sugar's Apprentice

Mark Wright 25, has won the BBC show 'The Apprentice' on Sunday. The Australian will become Lord Alan Sugar's new business partner as he will be receiving a £250,000 investment in his digital marketing agency. Wright went head to head with Bianca Miller as the last pair standing in a number of 20 candidates in the beginning of the British game show, where a group of smart aspiring businessmen and women compete for an opportunity to work with the English business magnate.

Wright in his words said "its a bit of a rollercoaster" and added "but I'm in it for the long haul". During the finals stages, a lot viewers were rooting for Bianca Miller ,as she was able to make her mark in the show with her business initiatives.

After Wright emerged as winner Miller 25, said: "If you lose to someone who isn't very good, it's upsetting, but Mark is very credible. "I was happy to go up against him and if I was going to lose, to lose to him was the best I could hope for, really."

Congratulations to all of them...They have all done well.They have definitely proven they can sell water to well.

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