Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Malala Yousafzai's Uniform on display

During the last week's award of the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo Norway, Malala had this to say after her uniform was put on two months exhibition display "My uniform is very important to me" "The day I was attacked I was wearing this uniform. I was fighting for my right to go to school." She added "Wearing a uniform made me feel that yes, I am a student.It is an important part of my life" "Now I want to show it to the children, to people all around the world. This is my right, it is the right of every child to go to school"

The executive director of the Nobel Peace Centre Bente Erichsen, said; 'Malala’s blood-stained uniform is a strong and heartbreaking symbol of the forces many girls are fighting for the right to go to school. He added 'The uniform has been kept by the family since the attempted murder in October 2012, and we are grateful that Malala has chosen to show it to the public in our exhibition.

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