Thursday, 11 December 2014

“I don’t have dollars to give you but I will give my all to Nigeria” says Buhari

Nigerian Former Military Head of State and Presidential Aspirant candidate for a ticket on the platform of All Progressive Party, General Muhammadu Buhari in his message to delegates at the APC National Convention, where the party's Presidential candidate would be selected, has written a persuasive letter to the delegates, soliciting for their votes and understanding. 
In his letter to them, he wrote; "I have always served Nigeria to the best of my ability. I have always tried to give more to the nation than it has given me. This is the principle of service that has guided my public life. Thus, I am not a rich person. I can’t give you a pocketful of dollars or naira to purchase your support. Even if I could, I would not do so. The fate of this nation is not up for sale."

Lets look forward to the outcome of the convention.

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