Thursday, 4 December 2014

Babies swapped at birth and their parents sue for £10 million

From left Sophie Serrano and Manon Serrano 
The families of babies born twenty years ago had no choice but to accept what came to them when their jaundiced newborn babies had to share an incubator in a maternity clinic in Cannes, France.

Sophie Serrano like the other mother, expressed her doubts when her baby Manon, returned from the incubator where she was next to baby Melanie, citing the difference in her baby's hair but eventually got sent home.
Ten years later as Mannon grew to be dark skinned, her father took a paternity test to put his doubts to rest, as she looked nothing like him. Investigations later arose where both parents discovered their daughter was biologically not theirs, leading to more discovery of the blunder that happened in the clinic where the babies were crisscrossed to different mothers.

On the discoveries, both parents have met their biological children but have not asked for their girls be switched back. Ten more years on, the families are now suing the maternity clinic,the obstetrician, paediatricians and auxiliary nurse for £10 million. The other family chose to remain anonymous but attended a close door court hearing on Tuesday.

Waoh!! I'm so gobsmacked!

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