Sunday, 10 May 2015

'Red Dust Road' by Jackie Kay

Recently the Saltire Society Scotland had their inaugural 'Outstanding Women of Scotland 2015' induction. My instinct for inspirational women kicked in with a search for the profile of the inductees, where I discovered motivational stories of them and interestingly realised that one of them Jackie Kay MBE has a Nigerian root!

Reading more about her, the Professor of Creative Writing has published several memoirs. I got hold of one of  her books titled "Red Dust Road", an autobiography where she narrates her adoption by her Scottish mum and dad, her efforts to trace her Scottish biological mother and her Nigerian biological father. She also gives a succinct narrative of her journey to Nigeria which connects me to this beautiful writer. Some of the places she mentions in Nigeria and the people who assisted in her search makes me appreciate her efforts and the things we take for granted.

As a renowned poet, I found her writings comprehensive, easy to understand and endearing. I also cannot forget laying my hands on a piece on her by another writer, Aminatta Forna. Forna likened Kay's circumstances to her's (born by an African father in the 60's and raised in Scotland) except for her adoption.

So much amazement and adventurous book. I'd definitely recommend a read.

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