Friday, 26 September 2014

Ever been a scapegoat???

I remember back in days as a child, looking at your sibling, friend, playmate or school mate being reprimanded was one of the nightmares you don’t want to have ...You would struggle with a feeling of guilt tied to it, the shame you’d feel and the fact that it would be carried forward to other people who weren't present as at the time of happening, in as much as you have not been given the opportunity to explain your own side of the story was another.

I remember a day back in Primary school, I dashed out on the stern warning that those who failed to come to the assembly with their Hymn book should present themselves..I did in all honesty and as the instruction was made..I later felt worse for being shown as the disobedient pupil who chose not come to school with hers despite all reminders before the close of school the previous day...

One of those times I guess.

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