Sunday, 28 September 2014


Blackberry Limited, the global mobile telecommunication giant that repositioned the industry in 1999 with introduction of Blackberry devices is at it again.
The mobile giant unsettled the Instant Messages landscape with the introduction of BBM – Blackberry Messenger solely for her devices and as a result gained a huge share of global Smartphone market.
Sooner than later the BBM bug caught-up with Nigerians and owning a Blackberry devices became the measure of status and affluence in the country,  most especially among ladies. To therefore be called a Blackberry babe denotes instant 'arrival'. The rave then led to production of a film by Nollywood called - Blackberry Babes.
However, competition from other manufacturer like Samsung and Apple resulted in Blackberry struggling to maintain market share steam. To address this slumber, the company has woken up with a new device called PASSPORT.
PASSPORT is set to redefine the Smartphone status quo with the introduction of a large square touch screen together with touch-enabled keyboard. Other features of the Smartphone include 30 hours battery life, 13 Megapixel OIS camera and 32GB storage.
Let me hope it will truly be a game changer in the Smartphone world. I also look forward to PASSPORT becoming the defining word of our ‘Big Girls’ and may be a new film titled PASSPORT BABES. Anyway, Nollywood should bear that I own the copyright to the film title when it is to be released!

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