Saturday, 4 April 2015

My thoughts for onward elections in Nigeria

Independent National Electoral Commission has been the fulcrum in Nigeria's quest for sustainable democracy. A role played well so far and perhaps plays well onward. It should not rest on its oars and the laudable performance of Prof Attahiru Jega's leadership should be consolidated. To this end, the 'new improved' INEC do not need to wait till next national elections to perfect the structure that delivered the sterling record of the moment. It is my opinion that states that have their elections staggered from rest of the country like Kogi, Ekiti and Anambra be used as model to refine the configuration of conducting elections by INEC. If the privilege offered by these states is effectively maximized, 2019 electorates would be better positioned to demand from politicians nothing but good & verifiable achievement. 

Please join me in FORWARD THINKING! dream Nigeria.

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