Friday, 3 April 2015

Learning from each other

With the emergence of computers, tablets, ipads, game consoles, apps and Nintendos, a lot of parents have left their wards to find learning with these tools easier rather than having a good sit on a couch to influence learning from each other. How many of us can vouch that we still read with or to our kids? Whether biological or random kids? Parents, aunties, uncles and family members don't find the need anymore to sit down together because technology and working life has taken over a lot of these duties. There were times you'd prefer a particular person to do a reading because you enjoy his/her narrative style. Look around properly, a common sight you see now is children owning their own gadgets, bowing on their phones...either chatting online, playing music, playing games or watching films.
A lot of times some parents do not know how well the literacy of their children should be measured. They leave the children to move with the flow and learn as they go.

Does anyone agree with me?

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