Friday, 17 April 2015

Model defends Lewis Hamilton over champagne soak

As you may all be aware that Lewis Hamilton in a bid to celebrate his Sunday's Chinese Grand Prix victory, sprayed a Chinese model with alcohol. The model in question has defended the Formula 1 world champion.
Liu Siying, a 22-year-old model down played the incident saying “It lasted for only one or two seconds, and I did not think too much about it at all,” She added “I think some foreign media are more sensitive about the topic compared to local media,” The Shanghai woman doused the uproar and accusations of sexism on the British driver saying. “I was just told by my employer to stand on the podium, and that’s what I did.”

Mr Hamilton is yet to make any official response on the controversy.

If you ask me...It looks like a celebratory mode activated..But there is just something not right about the picture!

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