Saturday, 18 April 2015

First Nigerian Family at the North Pole

Just after the news of Tuedon Morgan, the First Nigerian to grace the North Pole for a marathon. This time around is a family of four Og and Joy Amazu and their daughters Aimee and Monica have also put their names in the list of the North pole visitors. The Amazus launched a foundation named 'Challenge 100' to inspire charitable acts, encourage entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

According to Og Amazu's words, he said "We are delighted to reach the North Pole and become the first Nigerians to do so. Raising awareness of Challenge 100 and launching the Foundation is our goal today and this really is the first step on our journey. However it is poignant that we achieve this a year since the tragic events in Chibok and we remember all those that are still effected by that tragedy,". He also added "We have spent the last few years doing our due diligence on Challenge 100 and laying the foundations. The Trip to the Arctic is really our official launch of Challenge 100."

I love people who love adventures...They make people like us have something to write about.. Kudos guys..Please make sure you jump, scream and shout when the polar bear in sight!!

Another picture after the cut..

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