Monday, 27 April 2015

Self control equals success in kids

Do you know that self control determines a child future success?? I read a newspaper "In Brief" column where it reads; "Parents who work to instill self-control in their children will see them reap the benefits not only in the short-term but throughout their working life,according to a study.

The Stirling University team found that children with high self-control are much more likely to find and retain employment as adults, spending 40 percent less time unemployed than those who had a lower capacity for self-control as children. The concept of self control can include a child's ability to pay attention, persist with difficult tasks and suppress inappropriate or impulsive behaviour.

Dr Micheal Daly of the behavioural science centre at the university, said: 'The study highlights the importance of early life self-control as a power predictor of job prospects.'"

Culled from  MetroUK

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