Monday, 29 June 2015

Julia Donaldson, the woman with many sides to stories

As a writer of children's books, you build on imaginations to evoke feelings out of children who loves to read. In my own words, this is prowess!!I love the power of the narratives, it brings many memories, the art of reliving an experience and your ability to bring an idea to fruition.
One great woman I respect ever since my discoveries of new generation children books is Julia Donaldson. A children's author has been able to carve a niche and immerse herself in the mastery of writing what appeals to children.

For me as an adult, at a glance, I easily recognise her books on shelves by her fonts, picture colour combination, the authors she co-writes with, the caricatures and other illustrations of her pictures are key identities to recognise her work.
Once you like an author, you look out for the name and the work anywhere you see it. Julia Donaldson an English writer and the Children's Laureate in 2011-2013. Among her notable books are The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom and Stick Man.
Hoping to meet with her some day.. I know what I'd ask her!

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