Monday, 27 July 2015

Ghana's Ashesi University gets new head of Engineering dept

In the spate of brain drain ravaging Africa, I smile when I see some Africans coming back home to give back to their various communities and countries. This action would help build better nations if everyone professionals with many years of experience would consider returning to their homeland to impact on others who have a lot of need for various knowledge acquired abroad.

Meet the new head of Ashesi's Engineering Department Dr Fred McBagonluri, a United states based Ghanaian Engineer who has over 20 years experience in Engineering. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering from Central State University, a Master of Science in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Virginia Tech and a Doctorate in Materials Engineering from the University of Dayton. He also holds a Masters of Business Administration Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Fred won Black Engineer of the Year’s Most Promising Scientist in 2008, he is also MIT Alfred P. Sloan Fellow, has over 40 patents and patent applications in his name and author of 8 books. 

On his profile in Ashesi's website, the engineer stated that “The ecosystem at Ashesi - its highest ethical disposition, deliberate and revolutionary curricula - made it an easy choice. Engineering at Ashesi will be the paradigm shift in our collective thinking about what the role of education is in national development and in global competitiveness. With a strong focus on engineering fundamentals, streamlined core and electives, strong liberal arts components, leadership, and practical hands-on experience, Ashesi’s engineering programme will create innovative African leaders ready to create, to innovate, to lead and to effectively compete.”

Here's wishing you all the best as you commence your job Sir!!

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