Thursday, 30 July 2015

First double hand transplants for an 8-year-old boy

Science is indeed wonderful!! Watch a little boy Zion Harvey who got hand transplants giving him quality of life.
Zion was infected with gangrene as a 2-year-old child, which led to amputation of his limbs. Early this month, the young lad became the youngest person to be a recipient of new hands. It took a team of 40 medical team(doctors and surgeons) 11 hours to carry out this medical breakthrough.

According to the lead surgeon of the team, L.Scott Levin who said 'This is a monumental step,' he added 'I hope personally we can help many more patients like Zion in the future.'

The hands donors too have done marvelously well for giving Zion a new life! They are heroes!

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